New Fiction book – Chinese drop toxic bombs on US

Morning All! Here is a short excerpt from my newest book that is about done. I’m hoping to release it Jan. or Feb. 2017.  Hope you like this one!!!!!

From News Update chapter of Toxic Bombs

We are told that the military is currently at DEFCON 1 and we are waiting for an update from Admiral Macklin in Virginia. For now, here is what we know.

The Chinese planes bombed Miami, Pensacola, and Jacksonville in Florida. They bombed Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Lackland, Laughlin, Killeen, and El Paso in Texas. Air blast bombs have gone off over Boston, New York City, Norfolk, Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Vancouver. As of yet, we do not know how much damage has been done by the air blast or what kind of bombs they were. The Chinese planes were carrying conventional bombs and we are getting reports that damage in all the cities is extensive.

She stops talking and holds her hand over her ear listening to another voice. Admiral Macklin is ready to speak to the American public. He is asking that you send your small children out of the room. He is ready to speak now.

The video cuts to black then to the Admiral standing in front of the ruin base at Virginia Beach in Norfolk.

I am Admiral Macklin. As you can see from my wounds, I was outside when the bombs went off in Norfolk.

The Admiral turned his face in both directions where you could see ugly, red blisters and open wounds on his face, hands and neck.

I have ordered the US Navy to set conditions Circle W and to set to sea immediately if they are not already there. I have ordered all military planes in the air to stop any more bombs or planes from entering the US air space. I have set the military at DEFCON 1 and to maintain CBR gear at all times.

The air blast bombs contained a mix of various unknown chemical agents and you can see the results on my several locations. The warplanes are coming from two Chinese aircraft carriers near Panama and one near Greenland. We are in contact with Canada, England and France. We are hoping to have their support soon.

For now, stay indoors, protect your family and wait for further information. God Bless American!

The view showed Admiral Macklin coughing again. The chorus of the song ‘God Bless the USA’ by Lee Greenwood started playing. It continued as the screen went black and then the news reporter came back on.

face. All persons, outside at the time of the blast, are contaminated by these chemicals. The doctors are telling me that most will not survive more than four hours. I am asking everyone who is not military to stay indoors even if you do not live near a city that was bombed. The chemicals will travel on the wind and may head in your direction.

Doctors at CDC and around the world are working on a solution. We ask that you be patient, help your fellow man; pray that we will all survive this day. We will be asking people to volunteer to join the military forces, but at this time, it is too dangerous to travel or move around. Please, I beg you to wait until we announce it is safe to travel. We will accept all who wish to help us guard against this terrible act of violence.

The Chinese have dared to bomb innocent cities and civilians and therefore have declared war on the US. They are cowardly as the Japanese were on December 7, 1942 and we will not let them go easy into the night. I have ordered bombs, both conventional and nuclear, to be launched at various locations within China. I have placed the military and national guard on alert around the US.

We believe the Chinese plan to land troops on US soil. We have set a special phone number up that will be man 24/7. We are also asking people to use channel 31 on your radios to send us information about any Chinese you see or hear. If you see, and only if you 100% certain, Chinese troops, please call this number or radio in to report the sighting. Do not attempt to engage them. Report your sighting, stay under cover and watch what they do.

He stops and coughs into a handkerchief and viewers could see blood landing on it.

As you can see, I don’t have long to live. I have placed Admiral Thompson in charge of the US. He is with the 7th Fleet and was out to sea. We do not have contact with anyone in Washington DC and must assume everyone there is dead or dying. Washington was hit with both conventional and chemical bombs. The Chinese used converted 747 to bomb

2 thoughts on “New Fiction book – Chinese drop toxic bombs on US

  1. Ooooo….. So exciting! I just knew the Chinese were going to do something bad! Good job writing. Good job on the blog set up. I’m a fellow ed2go student


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