Hawken Wolf taken as Alien slave as Earth invaded

Morning everyone! Hope you survived Turkey day. For those of you who are not out shopping here is an excerpt from my book, Hawken Wolf. If you would like to read the whole book via Amazon CLICK HERE.

Hawken Wolf taken as Alien slave as Earth invaded

I woke up in a box. Yep, a metal box about twenty feet square with no visible windows or door. My head is killing, OK, OK, it just hurt like the dickens. The pain seemed localized behind my left ear. I touched it and along with the pain that brought, I felt a slight bump under the skin. What in tarnation happened to me, I wondered. Don’t panic I told myself. Do what ….what someone told me to do. Who told me to do what? Bump on head, so don’t worry about memory right now. Assess the situation, gather information and intelligence and make a plan for the solution. Now who told me to do that in difficult situations?

I do remember my name, Hawken Wolf. Yes, I know the name is a little weird but my parents didn’t get a chance to name me, at least I don’t think they did. A memory suddenly pops into my mind, that I was a war orphan and sent to live on Jupiter. What the powers in charge called a child supervisor and the children called a warden, named me. I most likely bit him so the Wolf name sort of fits. Not sure, what a hawken is but it probably wasn’t good. A little tingle at the back of my mind made me wondered if that was the truth. It felt like, well it felt somewhat wrong or not completely right. I’m not sure it was a true memory.

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