Every where around us

Everywhere around us you can find something that will spark your interest and maybe even your creative juices. My first eBook was always going to be about settling a new planet. OK, I’m a Geek and Sci-Fi fan.  I wanted to create new animals, plants and a complete new situation. Of course I would have humans and things humans need and do, but the rest was up to my imagination. I started by listing humans and their skills along with names and ages. Then I worked on my main character. I had thought to have two but it turned out into one with lots of friends and family. Then I had to decide what this main character, Tinco, would do and see. That was where I had the most fun, thinking of alien plants, world and animals.

I was at the Slot Canyons doing the wonderful Hummer Slot Canyon tour. (If you get there, you have to take this tour. It is more than worth it.) I was walking along taking pictures when I saw the perfect creature for my book, Say What. Here is the picture I took of these creatures and an excerpt from the book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


alien, animals, mud, mudders, SciFi, alien planet,
Picture of what I used to create Alien Mudders in my book Say What

I woke up cold the next morning. The temperature dropped overnight almost twenty degrees. I wondered how cold it would get. Eating and taking small drinks, I headed farther up the mountain. Weaving between trees and over rocks, I reached a spot where I could see ahead. What I saw was a welcome sight. Simmering and flashing of light on what had to be water of some kind. It was still about two miles away but hopeful be clear and drinkable.

I finally reached the water and found a small pond. It must be fed from an underground stream, because I couldn’t see any place the water was entering, just leaving. Sitting on a rock by the pond, I ate some jerky and drank the rest of the water. I leaned down to fill the both water flasks, when a glob of mud flew from the bank to my hand. Startled, I almost drop the flask into the water. Slowly turning to the side, I saw a big puddle of mud. Now how did that get on my hand, I wondered. Sitting still, I watched the puddle and suddenly a tiny hand reached up out of the mud and threw another glob at me.

“Well,” I laughed, “what are you?”

Then three or four miniature looking muddy mops heads jumped up out of the puddle and started throwing mud at each other. They looked like they had arms and legs with a mop body of about four inches tall by two inches wide covered in dripping mud. Some seemed a little taller but thinner. I didn’t see any eyes, but they must have had some because they were very actuate with their throws. Some would dive back into the mud and then come up throwing more mud. They reminded me of the twins when they played in the rain. There must have been about twenty of them. At least I think there were as they were always moving around it was hard to count them.

It was getting close to dark and I needed to get up into the tree for the night. I slowly stood up and they all dove into the mud and disappeared. Well I hope they had a good time, these…what should I call them. Mudders sounded like a good name for them.


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