Toxic Bombs excerpt

Morning Everyone!!  Great news….my newest book, Toxic Bombs, will be released Feb. 1st on Amazon. Keep an eye out for it. It will be on sale for the first two weeks at 2.99 and then go up to 3.99. This is the first book in a series about war coming to the United States and how four groups of people in different areas handle it. We have not had a war on US soil since the Civil War. What would happen if another country invaded the US? How would people handle it? Are you ready for a disaster of any kind? Will the police, government and military come to our recuse? Read what might happen on Feb. 1st.

Here is a short excerpt of the beginning of the book.

Chapter One Alpine

Lucy was sitting in the front seat with Charlie in the back behind me. Lucy was my 10-year-old foster child who I was adopting, and Charlie my ex-military police dog. Charlie and I both had been wounded in the gulf with the same bullet and came home four years ago to heal. I don’t know if the sniper was good or just lucky. I had been kneeling next to Charlie with my right knee on the ground and the left one up against Charlie. The bullet went through my left knee taking the kneecap, and bit of bones from the upper and lower parts of the knee and lodged into Charlie just above where his vest covered. Thankfully, the bullet did go far enough to hit his spine. We were both lucky. Lucky the bullet wasn’t a larger caliber so it didn’t blow my knee completely away. Charlie was lucky the bullet went through my knee first before hitting him. I got a new metal knee and Charlie got a scar that won’t grow hair. We both had a long recovery but we had each other.

Lucy had been abandoned as a 5 1/2-year-old at a grocery story down the road from my house. Charlie and I had been out of the hospital a few months with both of us still showing signs of some limping. We had pulled up to the store for food and supplies when Charlie left my side and walked over to the little girl. She was sitting on the ground sleeping on a huge backpack in front of her. She was a little dirty but not an ‘I haven’t taken a bath in weeks or months’ dirty. She was thin but not dying to death thin. A wrinkled envelope explained that her mother could no longer take care of her and that she was dying. Lucy had no family and her father had died in the gulf. Being on medical leave from the Marine and the Sherriff’s department, I called my father who had retired as the County sheriff to help take care of Charlie and me. I told him I didn’t care how he did it or what had to be done, but I was going to raise Lucy.

This morning Lucy was an excited, healthy and intelligent fifth-grader who took an hour to decide what to wear to the open-air concert at Balboa Park where a new boy band was making their first appearance. She had to be dressed just right since I had snagged back stage tickets to talk with them. Finally dressed in the proper attrite we headed over to the Galyan’s parking lot to pick up John, my current love interest. He was going to drive us in his van so we could be dropped off right at the back of the stage. Then he would come pick us up after it was over.

As we pulled into the parking lot Lucy said, “Do you think JJ is the cutest or Bryan?”

I pretended to think about it and said, “JJ is the cutest for sure.” I had no clue which one was JJ or Bryan.

I parked my Land Rover next to John’s van and John opened my door. I locked it up as Lucy and Charlie got in John’s van. John got in the driver seat and I got in the back with Charlie. “Boy, oh boy,” John said. “I think Charlie and I are going to be the envy of all those boys. We have the two prettiest girls in the world in the car with us. Right, Charlie?”

Charlie answered with a little woof and licked the back of John’s head. Lucy answered with a smile a mile wide and a little red in her cheeks. I rolled my eyes.

John drove out of the parking lot and towards the I-8 ramp towards San Diego. Driving up the ramp, the van was doing the speed limit and Lucy was singing the newest hit from the boy band.

There you were standing in the crowd Watching me as I sang. Then our eyes met and I knew you were the one. Oh baby, don’t turn your eyes away from me. I won’t survive if you do.

Sappy pre-teen and teenager soap songs, ugh. At least Lucy was happy and I could survive the two hours to make her smile like this.

Suddenly a bright light lit the sky and then turned mustard yellow with green/blue around the edge. It looked and felt like a bomb had gone off over downtown San Diego. Then two more to the north of San Diego lit up the sky.

“John,” I yelled. “Stop the car, cross the medium and head back to Alpine. NOW!”

“Callie, was that what I think it was,” asked John.

Lucy was crying in the front seat. I leaned over and told her we were fine but we needed her help. I asked her to take John’s cell phone and call grandpa. While she did that, I called Bill and Alice at Al’s Pharmacy, then I conferenced in Doug at Gaylan’s. I told them close their stores, pack the trucks and trailers that we would go to Willow’s Rest until we figured out who bombed us and why. I also told them we were almost back to their places and would help load up supplies in vehicles.

Thank you and remember to look for it on Amazon Wednesday, February 1st.

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