Slot Canyons and Page, AZ for Seniors


There is so much to see and see in Arizona and Page, AZ is one of the best places to go to. First, how to get there is easy. If you are coming from southern AZ, take I-17 to I-40 at Flagstaff then go north on Route 89 right into Page. Coming from the east such as New Mexico, take I-40 west to Route 89 which is just at the edge of entering Flagstaff. Coming from California, take I-40 east to Route 89. Page does have an airport but most flights come from Flagstaff with one or two from Farmington and Denver.

Now where to stay. There are lots of hotels and motels to choose from. Here are two I think are best. Best Western is at the top of the hill over looking the Dam. It is very nice, clean and offers free breakfast. If you want the view of the lake and dam, you will end up paying $10 extra. Make sure you book online since it will be cheaper. Don’t forget your AAA or AARP discounts. If you enjoy a little bit closer to the lake, choose the Lake Powell Resort. I stayed in building 8 which is at the end and offers views of the lake and sunrise. You can actually sit on the patio and enjoy the view. (picture above is view from room) The offer several different restaurants and two pools. The resort is in the National Park so you will need your Senior Pass to get in. Don’t have a National Park pass? Go and get one. For seniors (62+) it is only $10 and good for the rest of your lifetime. It is well worth the cost and there are several places in just AZ alone that you can use it in. If you book online a week in advance, you will also receive a discount price for the room.

There are several roads in the park and around the resort where you can drive around and take pictures. Be sure to drive further up Route 89 and into Utah. There are several rock formations and views that are good to photograph. Such as ‘Lone Rock’ just inside the Utah state line.

March 22 2017

There is also the Waheap Overlook for a great place to take sunrise pictures. It overlooks the marina and lake.

March 22 2017

You can stop at the Lake Powell Dan Welcome Center for tours and views of the dam. Don’t forget to stop at the Scenic View river and canyon along Scenic View Road. Also stop at the gravel parking lot (you’ll see semi’s parked here) for great views of the river, dam and canyon. This is just before you cross over on the bridge by the dam.

There are many, many vendors that offer tours of Antelope Canyon. If you can and don’t mind going up and down ladders and stairs go to Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours. Take Route 89 out of town (towards the circle at Wal-Mart or through town) turn left on Tour 98 and take Indian Route 222 north. Dixie’s is right before Ken’s.

March 22 2017

Also do the Upper Antelope Canyon Tour which is just across Route 98 from Dixie’s. You will get on a jeep (dusty and sandy) that takes you to the beginning of the canyon. If you bring a camera, make sure you have a covering or towel to keep the sand out of it. The tour takes 90 minutes of which about 45 minutes in walking through the canyon. The guides are helpful in making sure you get the best pictures you can. They will help set up your camera, cell phone and also take pictures of you in the canyon. ( The cost for Dixie’s is about $28 plus parking. The Lower Antelope tour cost is $48 which includes the Indian parking fee. You will walk from Dixie’s to the canyon and back.

March 22 2017

My favorite was the boat tour of Antelope Canyon. ( The tour is located just down the road from Dixie’s and you will need your National Park Senior Pass to enter this marina area. It is a great tour to take and enjoy the water. You park up above the Antelope Point Marina and walk down to the Visitor Center to check in and get your tickets. There is a gift shop here along with food. You can walk down the dock or ask for a shuttle ride down. There is a gift shop with phone on the loading dock. They shuttle cart will also take you back to your car.

Apr 20th 2016

Horseshoe Bend
We have all seen wonderful pictures of this location. It is just at the city limits as you head into town on Route 89. Beware, you will have a lot of walking up and down to do here. The city and National park is working on improving this area and there may be a cost to see it in the near future. After parking you will have a steep 200 feet walk up a hill, then a long winding path to walk down to the cliffs above the river. At the present time there are NO guard rails. You can walk along the cliffs to take any pictures you wish. Just remember you have to walk back up the long switch back path to get back to the parking lot. Take water and take your time. If you don’t or can’t walk it, don’t worry. There is a great helicopter tour company right in Page that will take you on a trip to Horseshoe Bend. They also offer other tours of the Page area. (contact them at or contact us directly at 928-645-0246. Website is ( Be careful and make sure you have the Page location as they also have a Las Vegas location that does similar tours. If you want a front seat you will pay $50 extra but it is worth it. Also ask if you can get a window seat.

March 22 2017

Another wonderful tour to take is the rafting down the river from the dam with the Colorado River Rafting Company. There is a full day (raft from dam to Lee’s Ferry) or a half day (from dam to Horseshoe Bend) and a few different other options such as rowing yourself along with guide. The website is You start you tour with a short drive to the tunnel. Yes the dam has a tunnel which is controlled by Homeland Security. It was used to build the dam and get all the materials down to the river.  There is a story behind this but I don’t want to spoil your trip.March 22 2017The tunnel is shown here and is two miles long. You arrive at river level just in front of the dam. Then a short walk down a ramp to the dock where the motorized rafts are located. The boats hold 22 with some sitting on padded metal seats and others sitting on the pontoons. Either the full day or half day will be great to do. The full day goes pass Horseshoe Bend and down the river (windy) 12 miles to Lee’s Ferry. Then you get take the bus back to the CRC building. The half day goes back to the dam and then to CRC.



There is more to do and see if you have time to stay. One thing you should do it drive down Route 89A towards the north rim. The scenery along the road is wonderful and you can drive to Lee’s Ferry along the Colorado River and see where the rapids start for the Grand Canyon. When we went the road was closed at Jacob’s Lake but well worth the hour to view the area before Jacob’s Lake.

There are rock formations and different colored mountains to view. Also there is a old stone house that a huge rock fell on along with other rock formations from falling off the mountains.

March 24 2017

There are many areas to view nearby such as the Grand Canyon, Sunset Crater, Vermillion Cliffs, Bryce Canyon, Rainbow Bridge, Bearizona, Petrified Forest, and many others. BIG FYI – Buy gas before getting on Route 89 as it is somewhat expensive in Page.

Here are just a few other pictures from the trip.


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