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Coming soon Book 2 of Toxic Bombs


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I want to thank everyone who had read my book ‘Toxic Bombs: The Beginning’ and ask that you please think about adding a review. Plus I wanted to let you know that I have started the second book in the series. Here is an excerpt from the book. You just never know what will happen or how the story will end.

Chills racked my cold, damp body as rain dropped off my chin and nose.

I huddled as close as I could get to the dying fire. Only a few warm coals and warm ash was left. I placed my hands into the warm coals and ash to finally gain some feeling back into them.

That’s where I heard the noise again. It was a low moaning sounds that ended in a semi-roar that seemed to choke off at the end. Like whatever it was lost it breath or was having trouble breathing.

Wait I thought, this is only in my imagination and is not real. Then I heard the sound again but is was coming from outside the broken window I was trying to hide behind. I realized I wasn’t dreaming at all.


Here is a review that a Kindle Customer from Alaska entered for Toxic Bombs.

4 stars
Very good story with good characters and plot development. I liked how the story focused on the people and survival.