Toxic Bombs – Book 2

Morning Everyone!! Book 2 of Toxic Bombs is coming along wonderfully. The complete name of the book will be Toxic Bombs: War and Defeat.

I am really enjoying the writing process and have added in several new characters along with the ones from book 1. Here is a short excerpt from a new group of kids, Kelly, Greg and Tomas. What will happen to them in these terrible times?  Also Ruth in Tucson gains new friends to help secure the safety of a group of veterans. Will this group in Tucson be able to stay safe?


The plan was to leave by 10 am so I had gone down to the water’s edge to get some pelican pictures. That’s when I heard shots coming from the direction of the RV. I raced back up the sand but something made me stop just before the rise. I ducked down and peeked over the top and saw strange men in uniforms with guns. From what I could hear the where speaking in some Asian language, maybe Japanese, Korean or Chinese. I couldn’t tell, then I saw the Chinese flag on their uniforms. What were Chinese soldiers doing here and why were they threatening my mom?

They were yelling at her, shoving her around and pointed their guns at her. Mom had her hands up in the air saying I can’t understand you.

“Please,” she said. “Do any of you speak English? I can’t understand what you are asking.”

More shouting in Chinese and pointing at the RV.

“I am just renting it. I don’t have any keys for it. It is not mine. My car broke down in town and the mechanic drove me here.”

Why would she be saying that? Then I realized I had the keys in my pocket to both the truck and RV. Oh no, she was trying to protect me. The truck didn’t look like it belonged with the RV. Mom had parked the truck sideways and about fifteen feet in front of the RV. She was going to let me drive it around, then back up to the trailer and then we would leave for Santee Lakes. I told her I was only fifteen but we both laughed since dad had let me drive all the vehicles we had on the farm since I was ten.

Suddenly the Chinese office starting shouting and pulled out his gun. Then BANG! I put my hand in my mouth to keep from screaming. They had killed my mom. My God, what is going on. I dunked down below the ridge of the sand and tried to be quiet.

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