Let me know what you think about this new idea for a new book series!!! PLEASE

Our kind had always been hunted by the two-legged monsters of our world. They hunted and killed us, not for food or clothing, but for sport. These monsters soon out-numbered all our clans. Clans divided and tried to hide from these monsters. Our clan found a sanctuary in the lands where no hunting was allowed. We watched and waited. We saw these monsters pollute our world. They turned to hate, destruction and unrest. They multiplied until they were fighting each other for space to live and breathe. This is our story from the early days before great confrontation that almost ended our world to the Jungles of 2536.


OK, what do you think? I had this idea about this clan and how they live in the Jungles of the year 2536. What happen between the years of 2020 and now? This clan is Native American and maybe they have special skills and talents helping to get them alive.

Please comment



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