Karen L West – Author and Photographer

Say What – – On sale for $0.99


My book Say What is now on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.





Here is a quick excerpt from the book.

“Hey Teddy,” I yelled when I was about 20 yards away from his cabin. “It’s Tinco, coming to see you.” I always let him know I was coming up on his cabin to make sure he didn’t shoot me. He strongly encouraged people not to come to the cabin.

Teddy and I sat on his front porch drinking an ice-cold cup of water. Nodding down the road to Rockson’s two men, “looks like you got a couple of spies,” said Teddy.

“Yeah, they have been following me around ever since Announcement Day. I’m taking them for a very, long walk around the community,” I answered with a big grin. Teddy slapped his leg and just busted out laughing. When he finally calmed down, he told me he was proud of me to think of doing this for them. Grinning I told him I was planning to make deliveries all over the community today and tomorrow.

Jumping off the porch, I grabbed two boxes of the tobacco leaves out of the wagon and carried them into the cabin. In exchange for the tobacco, Teddy made me several long lengths of rope from the rope tree. The native tree grows long strands of fiber material instead of leaves. We found them very useful and stronger than ropes. All you need to do is climb up to the top and cut them. Teddy’s cabin and land is full of them. Moreover, he climbs as if he was born in a tree.

“Thanks for the ropes, Teddy. I have to finish the deliveries or those two men will think I am up to something.”