End of the World? No something worst happened to Kyre

Some scientist kept warning that things were going to get worst, but most people didn’t think it would come true. Then Mother Nature stuck back with a vengeance. Hurricanes, tornadoes, polar ice melted, mountains erupted around the world, and earthquakes hit everywhere. People ran, hid and prayed, but it didn’t stop Mother Nature as she released her fury. Kyre was sort of a prepper but not really. Sure, she had some extra food and a go-bag ready but she never in her life thought she would have to use them. After all she was 65 and didn’t expect to live to see the end of the world if it ever came.

On that fateful day, Kyre had been out photographing birds. On a whim she had thrown her go-bag and camping gear into the trunk of her car. Maybe she would stay overnight or maybe she would head home. Now that she was retired, she didn’t have to make plans, just go with the moment. She was up on top of Mount Larch sitting outside of her car taking pictures of the Red Face Warbler. It was a beautiful bird but didn’t hold still very long. She had gotten several good shots of it and a Vermillion Flycatcher when Mother Nature hit. The earth shook, the sky darkened and rain fell. She hurried to put her camera inside the car and folded up the chair and threw it into the trunk. Then she sat, watched and waited for the storm to stop.

She waited an hour and the storm had gotten worst. Deciding to pack it in, she headed down the mountain but didn’t get far. At one of the overlook view stops she noticed . . . . . . .


This is the start of a new book, I’m writing. Watch on Amazon.com for it release.

Have a great time reading!!!


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