New eBook coming soon

Morning Readers,

I’m working on a new eBook that will be released mid-year 2018 on Amazon. I’ve been tossing around different titles but haven’t picked one yet. To get your interest up and ready for its release, here is an excerpt from my new book.

I could hear the Red-Faced Warbler singing in the trees, but none had come down to the creek yet. About an hour after setting up, I heard some hikers with children coming down the trail towards me. I looked over and saw the Garcia family. They lived two houses down from me, and their children came over often to visit and play in my pool. They stopped to talk and let me know they were camping at the Rose Canyon Campground for a few days. They left and continued hiking down to their truck which they parked at the Sky Island Cafe. About two hours after they left, I had several good shots of the Warbler and a Vermillion Flycatcher when Mother Nature hit.

Then the storm started. At first, it was just a few drops of rain. I checked the sky and found it full of dark clouds heading in my direction. I figured I would get inside the car and see how long the storm lasted. Suddenly the earth shook, the sky darkened even more, and rain started falling faster and harder. I hurried to put my camera inside the car and folded up the chair and threw it into the trunk. Then I sat, watched, and waited for the storm to stop.

The storm kept getting worst, and the small creek that I had driven over was starting to crest its banks and flowing over the bridge I had driven over. Deciding to pack it in, I headed down the mountain. I drove carefully over the bridge and saw the water was almost two or three inches deep. Since the storm looked to be here for a while, I decided to head toward the Rockies but didn’t get far. At one of the overlook, I noticed that the valley and town below looked to be filling with water, smoke, and dust. It looked like the Colorado River had changed its course and was heading straight for town. Not only that but several of the taller downtown buildings appeared to be knocked over or crumbling.

I live in an area that is slightly higher than the valley floor and thought I could get there to pick up the rest of the supplies and some personal items. Then I would head back up to the mountain which was the highest ground around. I quickly continued down the curving mountain road only to be stopped at the Rose Canyon Campground exit road. The road here dipped in a shallow valley and had a creek running under the road and down the mountain.

The creek that normally runs under the road was now seven feet wide and looked to be two or more feet deep. I stopped on the road and got out to take a look. As I stood there looking, a large pick-up truck came barreling up the road from the campground. I stepped to the edge of the road to allow it access to the road. The Ford truck pulled up next to my car and stopped. Water ran out of the door as the driver opened the door.

As the driver stepped out of the truck, I realized it was my neighbors, the Garcia’s. It looked like they had their three young children with them. I had talked to them earlier in the day when they hiked by while I was photographing. =


If you have suggestions for a title, please leave a note

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