Winner’s Choice Award

Winner’s Choice Award for both author and reader!!

Want to win an 8″ Kindle Fire, $25 Amazon gift card, and a bookworm coffee mug? VOTE MYSTERY/THRILLER!

  1. Click on this link –
  2. Scroll through the covers to row twelve and “Toxic Bombs: The Beginning. (If you click on the book cover, it will take to the Amazon page for the book.)
  3. Write the title of your favorite book in the comments! (Scroll down to ‘Share This’ and at the bottom of the comments is a leave a comment section as shown below. Use your email address or Facebook to log on and leave a comment on my book.

    Leave a Comment and join the Conversation.

  4. Enter the Rafflecopter form and claim your free entry to WIN ( OK, this is not intuitive.  Once you leave your comment, page back up to this image where it shows how much time is left to vote and just below it is a drop down box where you say you voted and click submit.)

You can vote each day if you want and you can share the information about this to get extra.

Share The 2018 Kindle Book Review “Reader’s Choice Awards” on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) and earn 2 entry points each day. DO NOT POST SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE COMMENTS. ONLY VOTE in the COMMENTS, PLEASE. Thank you!

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