New eBook now Available

My newest eBook is now available on Amazon. For Prime Readers, it is free to read. Current price is $4.99. Click on title below to go directly to Amazon.

Secrets to Destruction

What if you knew a deadly secret that could get you killed? What if you told no one and thousands died. Will you give up your life to save others.

Sample passage:
“I’m so sorry, Hazel daring. I dropped my napkin on the floor. Can you get me another one?”
She smiled, patted me on the shoulder, and went to get another napkin. I turned to watch Bruce leave the bakery. He looked both ways, then started to walk across the street. Suddenly, a large black SUV pulled out in front of the store from across the street and gunned the engine. It was headed directly towards Bruce. He saw it at the last second but couldn’t get out of the way. I watched in horror, my mouth open, as Bruce flew over the SUV and landed on the pavement. I turned back toward my table in disbelief. Watching in the mirror at the back of the dinner, I forced myself to sit still and not go running outside.
I wanted to run and check on him but knew someone was most likely looking to see if anyone from the bakery ran to help or reacted in some way. I made myself look but stayed in my seat. I saw several people check him and call 911 on their cell phones. It didn’t look like he survived. Well, I sure hope my disguise worked; otherwise, I would be next. I stayed until I finished the pie. I put ten dollars under the plate and told Hazel; I needed to use the restroom. I did this every time I came in. Sometimes I came back, and sometimes I left via the back door. I used the men’s restroom sink, checked my disguise, and shuffled out the back door.

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