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Pandemic Evolution of 2047: Survival at Ghost Town by [Karen l West, Karen L West]
Recently Released!!

My newest eBook with Amazon is now available. It is free to Kindle Unlimited/Prime Readers and only $2.95 for all others. It took a while to finish as I kept changing how the story started and the people in it. Enjoy reading.

People slowly got back to normal in the aftermath of the 2019 Pandemic. They started out caring more about others and the environment. However, soon people went back to their “ME” lives and forgot the pandemic’s lessons. Then another one hit, then another and another, and the last one that was worse than all of the ones before. What happened next was unforeseen and unbelievable. Most people said, “what did you expect” while others said, “I figured something would happen,” while others still had no clue what was happening and refused to believe ‘have it your way life’ as we knew it could stop.

I jerked awake, wondering what woke me up. I slowly realized I felt a small hand touching my face.
“Noah,” I asked. “What’s the matter?”
“There’s a baby crying,” said my eleven-year-old son, Noah.
“Are Baby’s parents alive,” I asked softly?
Noah shook his head no and said, “No one’s nearby, and the baby smells and is hungry.”
“OK, go get dressed in warm clothes and boots. I’ll get everyone ready to go.”
I looked at the time and saw it was four in the morning. Some would be up, and some would need to get up. Noah turned as he got to the bedroom door, “We need to take Russell with us.”
“Micah,” I said as I nudged my sleeping husband. Noah has found another one.”

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Secrects to Destruction Cover
What if you knew a deadly secret that could get you killed? What if you told no one and thousands died? Will you give up your life to save others?

Sample passage:
“I’m so sorry, Hazel daring. I dropped my napkin on the floor. Can you get me another one?”
She smiled, patted me on the shoulder, and went to get another napkin. I turned to watch Bruce leave the bakery. He looked both ways, then started to walk across the street. Suddenly, a large black SUV pulled out in front of the store from across the street and gunned the engine. It was headed directly towards Bruce. He saw it at the last second but couldn’t get out of the way. I watched in horror, my mouth open, as Bruce flew over the SUV and landed on the pavement. I turned back toward my table in disbelief. Watching in the mirror at the back of the dinner, I forced myself to sit still and not go running outside.

eBook Cover
This is the second book in the series called Toxic Bombs: War and Surviving. It continues the story of surviving at the Alpine location, where they gain new members, both two-legged and four-legged. Rocky Mountain National Park group also gang members but run into problems. The South of Houston group not only adds members but also helps out a military group who are there to give support and fighting help to the U.S.  We also learn about the struggles of new groups of teenagers who are left to survive independently. Would you survive? Are you prepared? Learn more about these troubling times. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.

This is the first book in a series called Toxic Bombs: The Beginning. What would you do if the US was invaded? Could you survive? Would the military be able to stop them? Learn how survivors in Alpine, CA, survive at their hidden compound called Willow’s Rest. Another group of strangers meet at the Rocky Mountain National Park and befriend each other to survive and hide from a motorcycle gang. South of Houston is another group and the community of Ingleside. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.

This is about a young man named Hawken Wolf who is looking forward to joining the Navy Seals. However, his world is turned upside down. First, aliens invaded Earth and blow up his home and family. Then human collaborators sell him and others into slavery. Learn what happens and how he tries to overcome this disaster. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.

Say What is my second book and my first eBook. It’s about a group of young adults, both alien and human, learning to live together on a planet far from Earth. Tinco wants to travel and explore this new world, but the President or dictator won’t allow it. Does he know more than he is letting on? Tinco sneaks off to explore on his own. While on his adventure, he finds new plants, animals, and alien residents. They were not to land on any planets with sentient life. How can these groups work together to better their world? Read and learn that all is not as it seems on the planet. Say What. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.

Tommy the Squirrel is my very first book and is available in a softcover. It is about a squirrel in the Bruce Peninsula in upper Ontario who watches humans visiting the park. He decides he wants to be a human and travel the world. He goes about watching and mimicking what he sees. What does he learn? Read this cute book, which is illustrated by Amy Norman, and find out. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.

This is my first picture eBook. Deciding on what pictures to add was much easier than formatting for an eBook. These are the wonderful views from a Botswana Photography Trip. It was a dream of a lifetime trip and greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Click on the cover to go directly to Amazon to order and read this book.


Karen L. West is an author who has a case of wanderlust and likes to photograph new locations, wildlife, and birds. Karen L West grew up in a small Indiana farming town where she always created stories. She served our country in the Navy with honor. She held many positions with an Indianapolis biotech company. She has traveled the world over, photographing wildlife and nature. She had two of her pictures published in calendars and magazines. Her first book was for children called “Tommy the Squirrel Wants to be Human.” The children’s book illustrated by Amy Norman received three stars from Clarion Review (ForeWord Magazine). Now retired, she is working on putting all her childhood stories and others onto print.