What do you think?

Hello all, I'm starting a new eBook. It's heading in the SciFi direction currently. Here is the prologue and chapter 1. Please make comments on what you think about the start of this book. It will help me work on where to go from here. Thanks!! PROLOGUE What if where you are isn’t real? Maybe … Continue reading What do you think?

New eBook coming soon

Morning Readers, I'm working on a new eBook that will be released mid-year 2018 on Amazon. I've been tossing around different titles but haven't picked one yet. To get your interest up and ready for its release, here is an excerpt from my new book. I could hear the Red-Faced Warbler singing in the trees, … Continue reading New eBook coming soon

Every where around us

Everywhere around us you can find something that will spark your interest and maybe even your creative juices. My first eBook was always going to be about settling a new planet. OK, I'm a Geek and Sci-Fi fan.  I wanted to create new animals, plants and a complete new situation. Of course I would have … Continue reading Every where around us