Free eBook Offer

Tomorrow you will be able to get my eBook for free.  No, you don't have to be a prime member to get this free deal. Click on the book cover below and it will take you directly to the Amazon page. This free offer starts May 16th and ends May 17th.  ENJOY!!!


Winner’s Choice Award

Winner's Choice Award for both author and reader!! Want to win an 8″ Kindle Fire, $25 Amazon gift card, and a bookworm coffee mug? VOTE MYSTERY/THRILLER! Click on this link - Scroll through the covers to row twelve and "Toxic Bombs: The Beginning. (If you click on the book cover, it will take to the … Continue reading Winner’s Choice Award

New eBook coming soon

Morning Readers, I'm working on a new eBook that will be released mid-year 2018 on Amazon. I've been tossing around different titles but haven't picked one yet. To get your interest up and ready for its release, here is an excerpt from my new book. I could hear the Red-Faced Warbler singing in the trees, … Continue reading New eBook coming soon

End of the World? No something worst happened to Kyre

Some scientist kept warning that things were going to get worst, but most people didn't think it would come true. Then Mother Nature stuck back with a vengeance. Hurricanes, tornadoes, polar ice melted, mountains erupted around the world, and earthquakes hit everywhere. People ran, hid and prayed, but it didn't stop Mother Nature as she … Continue reading End of the World? No something worst happened to Kyre

Last Week for $0.99 Sale on eBooks

Readers and all shoppers. You can now get my books for only $0.99. Take advantage of this great holiday sale and enjoy reading. Sale ends Saturday, Dec. 9th. (Remember Amazon Prime readers can read for FREE) eBooks for $0.99 Hawken Wolf, Toxic Bombs: The Beginning, Toxic Bombs: War and Surviving, Say What       Don't forget to … Continue reading Last Week for $0.99 Sale on eBooks