Toxic Bombs – Offered at No Charge

Hello everyone!!! I will be offering my newest eBook "Toxic Bombs" at no charge from March 3rd to March 7th. It will be available on Amazon at the following link. This will be a five day event to allow you to buy my new book at no charge.  I hope you enjoy!!


Sweepstakes – – – Giveaway

Did you miss the free eBook giveaway? Don't worry, here is another chance to win my latest eBook called "Toxic Bombs" which is available on Amazon. Click on the link above and see if you win! If you are a 'Prime' member, you can read it for free for the next 90 days. Thank … Continue reading Sweepstakes – – – Giveaway

Toxic Bombs excerpt

Morning Everyone!!  Great newest book, Toxic Bombs, will be released Feb. 1st on Amazon. Keep an eye out for it. It will be on sale for the first two weeks at 2.99 and then go up to 3.99. This is the first book in a series about war coming to the United States and … Continue reading Toxic Bombs excerpt

Where to find easy to photograph Wood Ducks

I saw my first Wood Duck in Canada at a friend's place. We were birding at a local area when one old-time birder shows us his photo book of birds he had seen. In among the pictures was a Wood Duck. It was a beautiful male. I couldn't believe how awesome it was with all … Continue reading Where to find easy to photograph Wood Ducks